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Life’s Lessons from Blackberry Brick Breaker


It’s funny how this idea of writing for a game came about. I was playing with my Blackberry Curve 8520 and it just flashed through my mind the metaphors of the things I am doing.

1. We all start at Level 1. Whatever we have accomplished now there is a starting point for all of us and it’s something we cherished and smile when we remember.

2. We paddle through life. Just like the objective of the game, the ball must not reach the bottom and loose a life. So the paddle must be moved from left to right to let the ball bounce back and hit another brick. In life, we balance so many things from career, family, friendship and others and we don’t want any of them to reach flat bottom, we want to lift each of them as we paddle through life. Just like the ball we take care of them and we don’t want to loose them.

3. In life we have options. During the game there is time when you hit a brick that releases a special function. I further discussed these functions below for the benefits of non-BB users.

a. Slow. This function slows the ball movement for a certain period. In life we often go through the hustle and bustle of work and daily life’s activity. All the while we need to take pauses and slow ourselves down and we just realize some of the things we are doing are actually digressing from the real life we want to live. So take a pause and catch your breath. Enjoy the stillness of life.

b. Wrap. This function allows the paddle to cross the leftmost and rightmost borders of the screen. In life we can choose to enter unchartered territories and risk our lives in order to continue with our endeavors. The risk that we do either result to saving others or risking ourselves to the possibility of losing the game by having too much space to  move around and being able to forget that sometimes it’s  better to have borders and know our limits.

c. Flip. This function will make the paddle move in the opposite direction to which the user intends on the trackpad. In life there are challenges which can really disorient us and take us out from our normal routines. In the game you can disregard to pick this function and continue with the normal pattern of movements, same goes with life our choices will sometimes cause our life to be difficult. While others would want to pick more challenges to spice-up  their lives, the most important thing is that they should have the best focus and surpass this stage.

     d. Catch. As the name implies, this function allows the user to catch the ball and have a better control of the direction you would want the ball to go to. This will also let you pause and plan your next move. In life there is a time that we need to catch ourselves and make a better plan ahead. Catching means understanding ourselves by knowing ourselves deeper. By doing this, we can correct on things that have gone wrong in our lives.

e. Long. This function will double the length of the paddle which gives a wider protection for the ball to fall. Having this kind of situation in our lives means an extended arm is needed to help us with our struggles. This is a sort of lifeline for us to make us more confident in facing challenges.

 e. Bomb. This function will turn the ball into a bomb and break more bricks in one hit. In life we often use weapons to destroy adversities but we have to use it carefully in order break problems and not relationships.

     d. Laser. This function will enable the paddle to shoot lasers to soften the bricks and eventually annihilate it. There are situations where we need to attack the problem slowly until we crush it. Problems exist but there is always a solution, sometimes it comes in a package where we need to be patient before things will be resolved. There are no little solutions. They are solutions.

e. Gun. This function arms the paddle with 3 ammunitions which is the only way to shatter the solid brick. In life we need the strongest weapon to subdue the strongest fort of adversaries. It’s either our strong personality, stock knowledge, wealth, our faith or simply our grit. Whatever WMD’s we have we should let it always work for our advantage to help paddle us up.

 f. Multi. Picking this function will multiply the ball from one to four. This will make the brick-breaking job a lot easier but it also increases the number of balls that you need to paddle up. In life we are fortunate if there are people who will help us with our problems. Family and friends will account to that. We just have to make sure that we will also guide them and never let them fall with  us.

 g. Life. This is the function which I patiently wait to appear. In the game it appears randomly same with other functions but this boosts the morale to keep playing given the assurance that whatever happens in the game, there is still a chance to continue until the next level. As much as possible errors must be avoided in order not to loose a life. In real life, we only have one shot of it. There is no other chance. As we often hear, we only live once. So we have to make our lives as productive as possible and leave a legacy for others to remember us of our worth.

Lastly, I understand the value of aiming high. I would be the happiest person if I break my own record. And I keep breaking mine until now as long as my Blackberry Curve lives. (Please give me a new BB, lol) In life we have to break our own records as well. This means going out from our comfort zones and doing things which disrupts the routine. This is healthy if we wanted continuous improvement of ourselves and in whatever profession we devote our energy with.

P.S. I hope in real life, Blackberry will also resolve its issues sooner and bounce back to the smartphone market and regain a good margin once again.


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