Paysbook Review – The Paying Social Media Site

This is a quick review of Paysbook. This started last Nov. 18, 2017 and I am so fortunate to be one of the pioneers. This business is open to all nationalities around the world.

To know more about this business, please register for free to my link below.

Maybe you are asking if this is a legitimate business. Yes it is. A big YES!!! Why I say so? First, the owner Arjay Gallenero is very visible and we can communicate directly to him. Second, payout is real and in fact I have encashed for the third time to date. Third, we are SEC registered as Paysbook – E-commerce.

How to earn in Paysbook? (Note: Paysbook uses the binary compensation method)

1. Sign in Rewards – Earn 300php ($6) rewards for just simply signup to Paysbook social media.

2. Posting Rewards – Earn 50php ($1) rewards for just simply post anything to your Paysbook account and get up to 1,200php ($24).

3. Direct Commission – Earn unlimited 100php ($2) commission for every direct active affiliate in your online organization.

4. Matching Commission – Earn unlimited 100php ($2) commission for every match on your left team and right team. You can earn up to 4,000php ($80) daily in matching commission or 120,000php ($2400) monthly.

5. Leveling Commission – Earn 400php ($8) for every 1st matching commission up to 10th level total of 4,000php ($80) bonus commission every active account.

Paysbook is a collaboration with the FIRST Filipino cryptocurrency called INDIGEN (IDG). This converts the posting rewards to IDG coins. It is a promising crypto at its early stage. To know more about this currency, please feel free to signup to my link as well. You can upgrade your account and buy a package after you signup. This gives you access to your IDG wallet.

My INDIGEN link >>

To know more about this business, please register for free to my link below.

After signing up, those who want to proceed can pay an activation fee of Php1000.00 ($20) to start with an unlimited income potential. Please let me know if you want to activate your account. Drop a message to my FB account >>

Mode of payment is thru, BDO, Metrobank and remittances (Cebuana, ML, Palawan and LBC). Once payment is verified, I can forward the code that will activate your account. Don’t worry activating your account is as easy as 123.

You can get up to 15 accounts maximum.

Don’t forget to signup.

Check this video.

I can assist you. See you at the top! 😉

For those interested, please leave me a message at Facebook.



Today June 30, 2012

I happened to visit the towns of Carcar and Sibonga located at the southern part of Cebu province. As I looked into the century-old edifice especially in Carcar where many heritage sites are preserved, only one thing crossed my mind and that is to think how progressive was our country even centuries ago. No matter who colonized us our country is really a rich country. We may not appreciate it today due to the many problems this country is facing yet the fact that we have preserved heritage sites brings us to believe that our country can move on unto becoming a BIG one if we keep on looking back and learning the lessons from the past.

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